Big Sunday Weekend 2015
Project Application

Big Sunday Weekend 2015
Project Application

Welcome to
Big Sunday Weekend 2015!

This year marks our 17th (!) annual event. Thanks for applying to be a project on Big Sunday Weekend 2015 – Friday May 1st, Saturday, May 2nd, and Sunday, May 3rd 2015! 

Big Sunday’s mission is community service as a means to community building. As such, we make it a point to offer all kinds of ways for all kinds of people to be involved. In fact, we like to blur the line between volunteer and recipient; we see everyone as “participants.”

Many nonprofits and schools use the many resources available on Big Sunday Weekend to provide goods, services, improvements or adventures that they’ve been wanting or needing.

Here are some ways to be involved as a Big Sunday Weekend Project:

  1. Working projects. Big Sunday helps organizations such as shelters, pantries, group homes, and public spaces in all kinds of ways: painting, cleaning, renovating, refurnishing, gardening, and so on. We also do varied events at many local schools (including Title I schools.) These can include cleaning, painting, or gardening. Often these work projects include incredible fun, such as arts and crafts, entertainment or enrichment activities.

  2. Parties and special events. Big Sunday also helps organizations in ways that provide for residents and clients to experience a day different from every other day of the year. On Big Sunday Weekend we host special events like parties or barbeques at all kinds of places where individuals enjoy a special day with family and friends. We play Bingo, make spaghetti and meatballs, sing songs, and simply have a great time.

  3. Field trips. Big Sunday is all about changing the way our communities interact and so we host all kinds of fun field trips and adventures for all groups of people. There is no application for an Adventure but if you would like more information, please email and we’ll send you the list of options when it’s ready.

If you have a great idea and want to talk to us, or if you have questions, please contact or call our offices at 323-549-9944.


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